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Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

30 min

Exfoliates the skin with pumpkin enzymes and contains over 100 beneficial nutrients for optimal skin health. Pumpkin fruit, Bilberry fruit, orange & lemon peel, neem oil, cinnamon, vit e, nutmeg, ginger & all spice. Renews, lifts, firms & hydrates.



Close Up of Pink Roses

La Luna Rose Peel

30 min


La Luna Rose Peel combines the peel-power of Glycolic Acid with the gentle touch of Rose Water and the anti-inflammatory properties of Pearl. Creating a gentle peel that won't irritate sensitive skin. Great for Rosacea as well as smoothes, detoxifies and brightens. 


Facial Oil

Epic Glow

50 min

Derma-planing + a lunch time peel gives you a dewy, glossy, plump outcome for dull skin that needs a quick pick me up for those short on time.