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Micro-current + LED

75 min | $175


Micro-current & LED with ultrasound stimulates the cellular growth of new collagens, elastins and protein fibers while detoxing the cells. It is great for repairing Rosacea, Acne, and other skin disorders including sun damage. Results can be compared to that of a laser without the damaging heat or down time of a laser. A successful holistic way to really improve the skin's health and circulation while lifting & firming naturally.



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Health Coaching

60 min | $75


From nutrition to self-care, we team up for a one hour session every two weeks for 3-6 months. You will break old habits and create new ones while increasing your overall awareness. When these steps are taken, you inadvertently are aging gracefully. Available via phone and in office session.

Relaxing Facial

Skin Detoxifier

75 min | $175

This is a very detail-oriented facial that focuses on ridding the skin of pollution and stresses that congest the pores and age the skin. Prepare for detoxification and purification with dual exfoliation and masks. All pores are examined and what needs to be extracted will be with the most gentlest approach.



Myofascial Release

50 min | $205

This facial contouring massage dramatically improves lymphatic drainage, not only having a detoxifying and graceful aging effect, but also a positive influence on overall health. Hints of cranial touches and myofascial release techniques addresses issues from décolleté to the scalp, releasing facial contractions exacerbated by age, stress and poor sleep. 

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