Beauty Spa

Complimentary Consultation

25 min

This is time allowed for any and all questions to be answered about products and or treatment options regarding reaching your goals. 




Graceful Aging

110 min


A customized facial with gua sha, derma-planing and micro-current. The combination of treatments  will replace your thoughts of ever considering Injections.


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Dermal Replenisher

75 min

The focus is on relaxing over-worked muscles of the scalp, face, neck, shoulders and decollatè while hydrating undernourished skin. 


Leaf Beauty

Skin Detoxifier

75 min

This is a very detail-oriented facial that focuses on ridding the skin of pollution and stresses that congest the pores and age the skin. Prepare for detoxification and purification with dual exfoliation and masks. All pores are examined and what needs to be extracted will be with the most gentlest approach.



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Gua Sha Facial Reflexology

50 min


This is an ancient technique, renowned for its ability to help smooth fine lines, promote blood flow and rejuvenate the skin. A shaped tool made of rose quartz is used to massage the skin, working with the facia to release stagnation, toxins, muscle tension and tightness in the face. 



Myofascial Release

50 min


This facial contouring massage dramatically improves lymphatic drainage, not only having a detoxifying and graceful aging effect, but also a positive influence on overall health. Hints of cranial touches and myofascial release techniques addresses issues from décolleté to the scalp. 



Aloe Leaves


50 min

This facial focuses on nourishing and repairing skins that are in higher demand

of nutrition. A customized enzyme encourages cellular turnover while massage and manipulation of the skin increases blood flow and therefore maximizes absorption of vital nutrients into the skin 




Balancing Facial

50 min


(First time to OSD, book this)

This is a therapeutic customized facial that will restore your skin's balance with herbs such as rosehip, ichthammol, sulphur and stonecrop. Best entry-level facial especially for first time teens and men.  




Back Facial

50 min

Deep clean your back to rid it of dry, not-so-soft skin or acneic breakouts that occur in this neglected hard-to-reach area. Just as in any facial we cleanse, exfoliate, extractions if needed, mask and massage.





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Serious Results Package

10 treatments

To obtain serious skincare results, a Boot Camp is needed with Micro-current.

10 treatments should be done within a 10 week period or even a five week period for serious goal setters. Perfect for acne, sun damage, rosacea and muscle toning. Strengthen, tone and firm the muscles under the skin to lift the face naturally. 


Wellness Products

Express Facial

25 min

All steps neccessary for a great refresher of a facial in less time. While no extractions are performed, all other pertinent and relaxing steps are taken to enhance your current skin's condition.