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Micro-Current & LED

75 min | $175


Micro-current & LED with ultrasound stimulates the cellular growth of new collagens, elastins and protein fibers while detoxing the cells. It is great for repairing Rosacea, Acne, and other skin disorders including sun damage. Results can be compared to that of a laser without the damaging heat or down time of a laser. A successful holistic way to really improve the skin's health and circulation while lifting & firming naturally.



Myofascial Release

50 min | $205

This facial contouring massage dramatically improves lymphatic drainage, not only having a detoxifying and graceful aging effect, but also a positive influence on overall health. Hints of cranial touches and myofascial release techniques addresses issues from décolleté to the scalp, releasing facial contractions exacerbated by age, stress and poor sleep.

Micro Needling Application


75 min | $175

Collagen induction procedure that gently helps with fine lines, scarring and evening out skin tone with no down time. Great results when done 3-6 treatments done 3-4 weeks apart.




Using the Avatar method, this procedure is safe, easy to administer and will improve the appearance of the skin in just a few days. There will be a noticeable change right after the procedure that will keep improving for the next 6 months. This therapy accelerates the speed of newly produced collagen providing a new effective approach to the treatment of aging. The Avatar Therapy Lift is the fastest healing FACE-LIFT rejuvenation treatment. Healing time approximately 5-7 days. Consult required. Learn more about Fibroblast here.

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25 min | $90

By removing all of your dead skin cells and fine facial hair, this instantly reveals brand new healthy cells that are plump, juicy and alive. Fine lines, scarring and sun damage are targeted and hydration is excelled due to the deeper exfoliation and enhanced product absorption benefits. 






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