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Organic Skin Den

Revolutionizing the Aging Process Through Cellular Alignment


the synergy of wellness & beauty

Did you know your face reveals your body's history, giving an in-depth look into all facets of your well-being, past, and present? 


At OSD, Sarah uses TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to go beyond the surface and get to the root cause of symptoms.  By identifying threads between symptoms & dis-ease, Sarah is able to help you achieve better health, wellness, and honest aging. 


As a restorative health expert specializing in Facial Analysis, Sarah has over 20 years of experience, research, and continued education. She uses her expansive toolbox to reduce inflammation, bring relaxation to the nervous system, and activate the body's ability to heal, producing amazing results without harmful procedures or toxic products. 


Before receiving any treatments at OSD, you'll complete a Facial Analysis consultation. Based on the results, Sarah will use her intuition to create a one-of-a-kind treatment experience that will best serve the body as a whole, incorporating holistic and restorative measures.


If you’re ready to work from the inside out and address your whole well-being, you’re in the right place. 

Spa Bed

We begin with a focus on relaxation. Once you're relaxed, the magic can unfold. In this state the work occurs much deeper, faster and remains with you. 


We work from the inside-out.

 As a sculptor and healer, I work with your underlying fascia and musculature, as well as emotional & lifestyle influences to create true & lasting results. The OSD approach 

proves you don't need to succumb

to injections, surgery or toxic alterations to your face.

We aim for well-being and essence. Your body has approximately 5,000,000 pores. 

As we work together, my goal is to have light emit from each of those pores, revealing your luminous essence. Your enhanced appearance will be a natural byproduct. 


Facial Analysis

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) the face reveals the body's physiological and psychological history.


This gives us an in depth look into all facets of each individual's well-being present and past.


Nothing exists in isolation, so identifying threads between symptoms & dis-ease is critical in achieving better health, wellness and honest aging.


All clients must begin with a facial diagnosis consultation in order to create a roadmap for achieving your goals holistically. 

This consultation can be done in person or remotely with 3 pictures: neutral face, no makeup, straight ahead and 2 profile pictures including a clear shot of ears.

The face is a 3-D hologram of your inner self reflected. 

Chinese Medicine Face Map

"As a professional makeup artist, I'm serious about finding the best holistic skin care & wellbeing therapies. I've been a client and friend of Sarah's for over 5 years and cannot recommend her highly enough! Her knowledge of the skin, body and soul are unmatched. Every time I leave OSD I feel refreshed & glowing from the inside out. I will always send all my clients

and friends to her little zen oasis!"

-Brandi R., owner, Révéler Beauty 


6596 TN-100 Nashville, TN 37205  

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