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Clareblend Mini Microcurrent

Produces an increase in circulation for skin health, increase collagen and elastin production, minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tone the muscles beneath skin & enhance product penetration. You’ll get that “microcurrent glow” in as little as two weeks. Again, continued

use produces better and better results so this isn't a device you'll

use now and then. You must use it consistently to achieve your desired results. Once results are achieved, then you'll use it for maintenance.




Oralift Face


Regain and maintain your youthful vitality with this unique beauty tool which uses the power of your own body to regenerate!







Glow Younger TriLight LED

LED light therapy delivers light energy in a similar way plants absorb light energy of the sun. LED light therapy is UV free, beneficial light energy to the skin. Studies have shown LED light therapy speeds healing, increases collagen, and improves circulation and overall health of the skin. Red, yellow and far infrared are 3 different settings on this device made here in the U.S.







Anma Massage Tool

Releases the tightness in and around your jaw, mouth, temples, forehead, brows and cheeks and scalp. Continuous tension in these areas show up as deep wrinkles, lines, and sagging in the skin. The anma used {very gently...the gentler the better} releases the tension in these areas releasing your body’s own hyaluronic acid which plumps and hydrates skin giving it a fresher and healthier glow.




Time Master Pro

Professional Grade Low Frequency Ultrasound Therapy and LED. TWO treatments in one device! This is an at-home treatment for skin tightening and wrinkle smoothing from the plumping effect of sound waves (ultrasound) vibrating at 90,000 waves per second to activate skin metabolism and regenerate skin cells. The results? Plumpness and smoother complexion.






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