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Fascia Decompression

As skin is to the body, Fascia is to the cell.


Fascia serves as the intricate network supporting our trillions of cells. Over time, the cumulative effects of gravity and unconscious living lead to bodily compression, gradually squeezing the vitality from our tissues. In response, fascia attempts to maintain equilibrium by forming adhesions throughout the body, sacrificing mobility and fluidity in the process. This phenomenon manifests as the visible signs of aging we often observe. When healthy, fascia facilitates proper cellular alignment, ensuring optimal space within and around each cell. This organization enables the smooth flow of nutrients into cells and the efficient removal of waste. As our bodies undergo compression and collapse with age, cells become trapped, deprived, and toxified, accelerating the aging process. This is why I approach aging through fascia. By facilitating proper breathing and decompressing the fascia in affected areas, I assist your body in reclaiming vital space, fostering rejuvenation and resilience.

Fascia Decompression


Fascia Decompression is a process that takes your tissue in the opposite direction to aging. This is done through the release of the ribcage to restore the body’s engine – the diaphragm, as well as melting the adhesions throughout the body. All areas of the body need to be addressed to create the best overall outcome. The Fascial Facial addresses specific issues in the upper chest, neck, head and face resulting in a natural face lift appearance.


The overall benefits are far reaching, doing much more than improving appearance. This will create a full body transformation for those who dive into the self-care benefits, and clients may experience improvements with strength and flexibility, in managing a healthy size and shape, releasing stored negative emotions, to name a few.


Through fascia decompression, you can anticipate a profound release of adhesions that obstruct cellular flow, facilitating a restoration of optimal blood supply to naturally plump cells and detoxify tissues. Subtle changes may include a reshaping of the skull and an overall sense of peace and calm derived from the parasympathetic benefits of proper breathing. While some clients experience noticeable results after just one session, everyone immediately feels the transformative effects. By correcting body alignment to initiate homeostasis, our approach results in lighter, brighter, and tighter skin. Unlike traditional methods that solely address fine lines and wrinkles with skincare or harsh tools, we understand the interconnectedness of the body. When approached holistically, the outcome is a naturally youthful appearance that endures. You simply have to experience it for yourself—once you do, you'll be hooked!


The Fascia Facial offers a revolutionary approach to counteracting the effects of aging on your tissue. By releasing tension in the ribcage to rejuvenate the body's engine—the diaphragm—and dissolving adhesions throughout, this unique process transcends traditional facials. Every aspect of the body is addressed to ensure optimal results. Our Facial Flow technique specifically targets issues in the upper chest, neck, head, and face, yielding a natural facelift appearance. This facial is a corrective facial that addresses the rejuvenation of skin and muscle tone through decompressing fascia. Unlike any other facial, this transformative 120-minute treatment targets dense, dehydrated tissue that impedes cellular communication and alters facial shape and skin appearance. By addressing underlying issues such as posture, tight ribcage, and tense shoulders, this facial revitalizes youthfulness on a deeper level. It's particularly beneficial for addressing concerns such as facelift scarring, harsh neck lines, facial asymmetry, a flat mid-face, and heavy forehead lines.


Yes! You can experience personalized healing and transformation with our Private Block Therapy Sessions, where we focus on your specific areas of concern and tailor the practice to your individual needs. Whether you're looking to enhance your current practice or embark on a new healing journey, our dedicated one-on-one sessions provide the perfect opportunity for deep, transformative work.


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