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Welcome to Organic Skin Den

an intention-based, holistic skincare & wellbeing studio
providing true results in a spa-like atmosphere.  



Implementing Traditional Chinese Medicine.

All clients must begin with a facial diagnosis consultation and extensive intake questionnaire. This gives us an in depth look into all facets of each individual's well-being present and past, and provides a roadmap for achieving your goals holistically.


Lead with creating relaxation in the body.

The more relaxed you are, the deeper we can go. 

The deeper we can go, the more your body can respond, giving you better results.


Create health & vitality from the inside out.

I work with the skin’s underlying fascia and musculature, as well as lifestyle and emotional influences to provide true results.


Personalized treatments for each client.

Every person has unique needs, and I take the time

to address them individually, making each treatment an experience of its own.

High vibration, organic products.

Only the highest quality organic, eco-friendly and cruelty-free products are used.

Relaxing Facial

Hi, I’m Sarahholistic skincare therapist, Reiki Master, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and founder of Organic Skin Den.  


For over 20 years I've honed my craft as a holistic skin therapist using my intuitive abilities to read each client's needs.

As a Reiki Master and Integrative Health Coach, I also use my gift of working with the skin's underlying fascia and musculature to create custom treatments that deliver true results to each of my clients.


My background in Western & Eastern modalities allow me to offer treatments that not only nourish and heal the skin, but also bring relaxation to the body and spirit.


I consider my clients friends and teammates, and send them home with tips and practices to continue the work we do together at OSD.


I believe the work accomplished in the treatment room is a super-boost to the care you give your skin and whole self at home, and together they produce the results you're after!

Facial Diagnosis


In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) the face reveals the body's physiological and psychological history.


This gives us an in depth look into all facets of each individual's well-being present and past.


Nothing exists in isolation, so identifying threads between symptom & dis-ease is critical in achieving better health, wellness and honest aging.


All clients must begin with a facial diagnosis consultation in order to create a roadmap for

achieving your goals holistically. 

This consultation can be done in person or remotely with 3 pictures: neutral face, no makeup, straight ahead and 2 profile pictures including a clear shot of ears.

"As a professional makeup artist, I'm serious about finding the best holistic skin care & wellbeing therapies. I've been a client and friend of Sarah's for over 5 years and cannot recommend her highly enough! Her knowledge of the skin, body and soul are unmatched. Every time I leave OSD I feel refreshed & glowing from the inside out. I will always send all my clients

and friends to her little zen oasis!"

-Brandi R., owner, Révéler Beauty 


Thank you!

"There aren't enough words for Sarah! She's exceptional and is committed to helping improve your skin. Treatments are therapeutic and effective. My skin is continuously better and I'm so grateful to be under Sarah's care!" 

-Sharon D.

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