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True beauty
goes beyond the surface…
it resides deep within our cells

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The Body is Energy Made Visible.

Your face is the most obvious microsystem reflecting a map of your entire being both emotional and physical.


Every blemish, crease, line, indention, discoloration,  patch of dryness or oiliness can mean something.

In a world where beauty and youth are coveted, the pursuit often leads to fleeting solutions that can result in lasting damage and even remorse.



I am an expert in Facial Analysis, a unique practice rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. My work revolves around the intricate connective tissue system of the body, offering somatic solutions that go beyond superficial results.


It is my genuine passion to challenge the industry’s fixation on surface-level outcomes and provide lasting solutions in a world consumed by short-lived and sometimes harmful answers.

With decades of dedicated research, I dive beneath the surface to unlock the transformative potential of your face, the gateway to your inner well-being.  As a healer and sculptor I  enhance not only your physical appearance but also your emotional and physical harmony.

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Made primarily of collagen and elastin,
fascia is like skin to the cell as skin is to the body.


My specialization lies in the intricate realm of fascia, an extensive system enveloping every trillion cell within the body. Through targeted work on the fascia, I facilitate the release of toxins manifesting in emotional, physical, and spiritual forms. This liberation opens pathways for fresh blood and oxygen, promoting proper cellular alignment.

As a result, the body achieves a state of ease rather than dis-ease, fostering overall well-being.

Facial Analysis TCM

Schedule Facial Analysis

All clients begin with a Facial Analysis in order to create a roadmap for achieving your goals holistically. This consultation can be done in person or remotely.

Work With Me

Discuss Results

In this follow-up consultation you will receive a detailed report of your Facial Analysis results and your individualized treatment plan.

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Book Treatment

With your treatment plan ready, it's time to book your first service at OSD. Together we'll harness the power of your body's innate wisdom to transform you from the inside out.


"Sarah is my skin guru!!! She gives time and attention to details in my life that effect my skin. My acne prone skin is healing and having less and less breakouts! She's genuine caring and willing to help in anyway she can! She brings years and years of knowledge and expertise on skin and whole living!! She's just a blessing and go-to in my Nashville life!"

-Amber M.


3500 Murphy Rd. Nashville, TN 37205  

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The face is a portal to our inner well-being. It tells us more about the body than any other body part by telling us

what has happened to us physiologically and psychologically from the past all the way to this present moment. 


How we feel through the emotional body engages tiny, 

micro-muscles, connective tissues and trillions of cells responding to said emotion into the physical body.

The most important factor of the changing face is the growth of the individual’s spirit. 


There is a saying that goes, “from birth until age 25 you have the face your mother gave you and from 25 on you have the face you created and deserved.”


This helps us accomplish your goal in it’s entirety because the face does and should change shape. With this information you now have a say in how you age and can make adjustments as needed for the future.

Fascia Decompression

Fascia Decompression reverses the effects of aging by releasing tension in the tissue, particularly in

the ribcage to restore the body's engine—the diaphragm—and dissolve adhesions throughout. Addressing all areas of the body yields the best outcome. The Fascia Fascial targets specific issues in the upper chest, neck, head, and face, offering

a natural facelift appearance.

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Facial Analysis

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) the face reveals the body's physiological and psychological history.


This gives us an in depth look into all facets of each individual's well-being present and past.


Nothing exists in isolation, so identifying threads between symptoms & dis-ease is critical in achieving better health, wellness and honest aging.


All clients must begin with a facial anaylsis consultation in order to create a roadmap for achieving your goals holistically. 

This consultation can be done in person or remotely with 3 pictures: neutral face, no makeup, straight ahead and 2 profile pictures including a clear shot of ears.

Natural Beauty
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